International Membership to UK clubs.

All hamster clubs in the UK are happy to except members from any country in the world. The cost of membership will vary from club to club and depend in which country you live. This additional cost is to cover the postal charges for the publications each club or organisation produce.You will need to contact the Secretary of the club to see how much this will be.

As all of the UK clubs are run by hobbiest and as each club tries to keep the membership fees as low as possible, most will only except payment for membership in pounds sterling (UK currency). One way, therefore to keep your costs down is to get UK bank notes from your own bank and send them by recorded or registered delivery to the appropriate Secretary. Another way is to get an international money order made out in pounds sterling. If you do decide to send a personal cheque the cost could be quite high as bank charges for changing the cheque can be more that the cost of membership.

We can now offer International members (and now UK members) subscription via PayPal. Please go the Web page of the Club to subsubscribe to either the Midland Hamster Club or the Southern Hamster Club. Please ensure that you state you Full Name and Address so that we can airmail your Handbook and Journals.

As to what club to join, well here we cannot help you. We are members of all six clubs. This is because we show our hamsters in all three clubs and so like to get all the information available. We believe all the clubs offer about the same in regard to information, although you may have to pay for it as an extra in some clubs and get it free in others. If you would like to contact us through email we will happily give you our views.

If you click below this will take you to the UK Club page and from their the decision is yours.


Contact TOWY VALE HAMSTERY about individual clubs