This little girl arrived in September 1998 with 6 two-day-old babies. She was very stressed and cried a lot. Thankfully she settled down and reared all the babies. On the 16TH May, she had an accident. She got a back leg trapped in her cage, panicked, and broke it badly. We got her to the veterinary hospital within twenty minutes and, despite it being a Sunday night, a vet came out immediately to treat her. He couldn't mend the break, there was too much tissue damage, so the only option was amputation. A week after the operation, she pulled the stitches out and had to go back and have it all done again. The nurse made her a collar out of x-ray film but she had that off in 10 seconds flat! Instead, we sprayed the stitches every day with Bitter Apple spray and she left them alone. She is now fully recovered and has been re-named Amber Stumpy. She is a very brave little lady.


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