"I must finish my treat before She has to be tempted out of her nest
I get in my car" before we can wash out all the Rotastac units.


MIRRY, a longhaired Dark Grey was born on 2nd July 1995. Her father was MAIZE a longhaired Dark Grey and her mother BAGGAGE a shorthaired Satin Golden.
When MIRRY was six days old her mum went down with mastitis. Antibiotic was given immediately in her porridge and an appointment with the vet planned for next morning. One baby was developing "big tum" (which we think is a sign of starvation) but the remainder of the litter appeared in fair health.
Next morning one small hamster ( MIRRY ) was wandering on the floor of the hamstery - very cold but still alive. Mum was distracted with titbits and MIRRY was popped back in the nest. Mum and babies paid a visit to the vet's, where mum was given a couple of injections and all were brought home.
A couple of hours later we dared to check mum and babies. Panic stations - one baby was missing. A thorough check of the cage and hamstery failed to find the baby, so we checked our van. There we found one small comatose baby. Drastic measures were called for so the baby was popped in a small box under a special heat lamp. We prepared a small amount of warm milk (we use a proprietary brand of kitten milk) laced with antibiotic. Wrapping the baby in a tissue she was fed using a tiny spoon. At nightfall the baby was still alive but suffering from pneumonia.
The half-hourly feeding (mainly by Chris) went on through the night and the following day and night. We were winning, as the chest was much clearer. Intervals between feeds were lengthened and "baby" feeds introduced but MIRRY, short for Miracle , still lived in her incubator which, on show days, came with us.
Against all the odds MIRRY survived and thrived. Being such a special hamster she needed a special home which we found for her at one of our displays at Blenheim Palace. She went to live with her new owners in Oxfordshire, who sent us the photos above of MIRRY celebrating her SECOND birthday. And she is still running around.
Thanks and well done the Allen Family .

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