Hamsters at Towy Vale Hamstery

LITTLE MOLE,      S.H. Sable Male 03/02/2013
EDWINA, S.H. Cinnamon Tort. Female 14/03/2014
MILDRED, L.H. Dark Grey TOWY-14-0021 Female 27/06/2014
MINETTE, L.H. Dark Grey TOWY-14-0029 Female 27/06/2014
MORDRED, S.H. Dark Grey TOWY-14-0015 Male 27/06/2014
AUDREY, S.H. Black Tort. BVHS-14-0132 Female 21/07/2014
MARMARLADE, S.H. Cinnamon Dom. Spot TOWY-14-0041 Male 03/08/2014
SILVER VALLEY, L.H. Silver Grey BVHS-14-0187 Female 02/10/2014
SILVER SKITTLES, L.H. Silver Grey (Sepia) Female 17/10/2014
CHEESE, S.H. Cinnamon TOWY-14-0063 Female 20/10/2014
YORG, L.H. Yellow TOWY-14-0051 Male 20/10/2014
HEATHER, S.H. Black Tort. & White (D.S.) TOWY-15-0013 Female 07/03/2015
YORRIS, S.H. Yellow TOWY-15-0007 Male 07/03/2015
GEORGEAN SILVER, L.H. Silver Grey TOWY-15-0023 Male 08/03/2015
SILVER SAPPHIRE, L.H. Silver Chocolate (Black) TOWY-15-0003 Female 08/03/2015
CREMELA, S.H. Yellow (Cream) STAR-15- Female 14/03/2015
MEREDITH, S.H. Satin Dark Grey Female 29/03/2015
STARLIGHT, L.H. Silver Grey CAMT-15-0012 Female 16/04/2015
REMUS, S.H. Black Eyed Cream Male 04/05/2015
CHEDDAR, S.H. Cinnamon Dom. Spot TOWY-15-0028 Female 22/05/2015
LEMON CURD, S.H. Lilac Dom. Spot TOWY-15-0029 Female 22/05/2015
GANDALF, S.H. Satin Golden Dom. Spot Male 28/05/2015
MELANIE, L.H. Dark Grey Tort. Female 28/05/2015
CORNELIA, S.H. Cinnamon TOWY-15-0044 Female 03/08/2015
POPPY, L.H. Black Eyed White TOWY-15-0047 Female 03/08/2015
INDIGO, L.H. Black Eyed Ivory(SG) TOWY-15-0068 Male 19/08/2015
IRENE, L.H. Black Eyed Ivory(SG) TOWY-15-0070 Female 19/08/2015
POODLE, L.H. Flesh Eared White TOWY-15-0072 Male 19/08/2015
ROMI, L.H. Black Eyed Cream TOWY-15-0051 Female 19/08/2015
STARBRIGHT, L.H. Silver Grey TOWY-15-0063 Female 19/08/2015









Living Heritage kindly provide us with a Marque in which we hold our display. 2016 sees our 25th year with them, starting at Blenheim Palace in August 1991.

Come and see and stroke the hamsters in their own Marquee. We have various hamsters on display to show you what colours and types of Hamster are now available. Not only can you get FREE information leaflets about all aspects of keeping a hamster but there are many hamster club members who will answer your questions or give advice.

Many of these experts have been keeping hamsters for over 20 years and are regular exhibitors at Hamster Shows.

Also in the Marquee are display boards with photos of many of the more unusual colours and types of hamster, photos of babies hamsters from 1  to 37 days old, photos taken by our members of hamsters (both babies and adults) in all sorts of situations and poses.

If you are interested in acquiring a “pedigree” hamster these are the people to ask.

The Display Gang

When we do displays there are many people involved and it would only be right for me to mention them. (In no particular order).

Jean Tye (Tristar), Sue carter and Mark Harris (Bourne Valley), Julie Young (Dragonfly). Dawn Mason (Camelot), Gill and Adrian Rigden (Paradise Hams), Kim and Craig Lewis (Olympus Hams), Debbie Clarke and Chris Bodley, Shirley Evans, Chris and Pete Logsdail (Towy Vale).

The above come from all over England and Wales to be at the displays all at their own expense.