Hamsters at Towy Vale Hamstery

LITTLE MOLE,      S.H. Sable Male 03/02/2013
EDWINA, S.H. Cinnamon Tort. Female 14/03/2014
MILDRED, L.H. Dark Grey TOWY-14-0021 Female 27/06/2014
MINETTE, L.H. Dark Grey TOWY-14-0029 Female 27/06/2014
MORDRED, S.H. Dark Grey TOWY-14-0015 Male 27/06/2014
AUDREY, S.H. Black Tort. BVHS-14-0132 Female 21/07/2014
MARMARLADE, S.H. Cinnamon Dom. Spot TOWY-14-0041 Male 03/08/2014
SILVER VALLEY, L.H. Silver Grey BVHS-14-0187 Female 02/10/2014
SILVER SKITTLES, L.H. Silver Grey (Sepia) Female 17/10/2014
CHEESE, S.H. Cinnamon TOWY-14-0063 Female 20/10/2014
YORG, L.H. Yellow TOWY-14-0051 Male 20/10/2014
HEATHER, S.H. Black Tort. & White (D.S.) TOWY-15-0013 Female 07/03/2015
YORRIS, S.H. Yellow TOWY-15-0007 Male 07/03/2015
GEORGEAN SILVER, L.H. Silver Grey TOWY-15-0023 Male 08/03/2015
SILVER SAPPHIRE, L.H. Silver Chocolate (Black) TOWY-15-0003 Female 08/03/2015
CREMELA, S.H. Yellow (Cream) STAR-15- Female 14/03/2015
MEREDITH, S.H. Satin Dark Grey Female 29/03/2015
STARLIGHT, L.H. Silver Grey CAMT-15-0012 Female 16/04/2015
REMUS, S.H. Black Eyed Cream Male 04/05/2015
CHEDDAR, S.H. Cinnamon Dom. Spot TOWY-15-0028 Female 22/05/2015
LEMON CURD, S.H. Lilac Dom. Spot TOWY-15-0029 Female 22/05/2015
GANDALF, S.H. Satin Golden Dom. Spot Male 28/05/2015
MELANIE, L.H. Dark Grey Tort. Female 28/05/2015
CORNELIA, S.H. Cinnamon TOWY-15-0044 Female 03/08/2015
POPPY, L.H. Black Eyed White TOWY-15-0047 Female 03/08/2015
INDIGO, L.H. Black Eyed Ivory(SG) TOWY-15-0068 Male 19/08/2015
IRENE, L.H. Black Eyed Ivory(SG) TOWY-15-0070 Female 19/08/2015
POODLE, L.H. Flesh Eared White TOWY-15-0072 Male 19/08/2015
ROMI, L.H. Black Eyed Cream TOWY-15-0051 Female 19/08/2015
STARBRIGHT, L.H. Silver Grey TOWY-15-0063 Female 19/08/2015

Author: towyvale

Joined our first hamster club in 1985. Been involved with hamsters since both at club and national level.

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